About Phab Media

With more than 50 years of commercial experience between its founders including start-ups, turnarounds, business development, broadcast and marketing, Phab Media offers business and communications solutions across the board. For start-ups we have the expertise to enable clients to accomplish and even surpass their commercial expectations. For established companies in need of refreshment or rationalisation we can cut costs and raise profits. Regionalisation/Localisation of businesses and products for companies wishing to expand into new markets are also amongst our specialities. We have worked across continents and have extensive knowledge of the Middle East.

Our corporate clients include a wide range of high profile companies from investment banks to hedge funds and oil companies to charitable foundations. Our Broadcast customers are some of the best known television networks and brands on the planet. We have a proven track record and work in a variety of languages across an array of business, communication, production and media environments.

We are passionate about what we do and that means we share our client’s passion for what they do. It’s that sense of shared goals and collective endeavour that goes to the heart of everything we do and distinguishes us from our competitors.